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Use this form to search for providers by specialty, location, or name. You may narrow your search results by entering information in multiple search fields. For example you may search for all pediatricians within a certain zip code if you fill out both the specialty and zip code fields. If you do not enter any information at all and just press the "Search the Directory" button, you will receive a list of all the providers.

Hospital Listings: 

CareFirst Community Health Plan Maryland (CareFirst CHPMD) verifies hospital information at least every three years during the credentialing process. This information includes the hospital name, phone number, location, accreditation status as well as internal and external quality performance indicators. The hospital may update information at any time during the three year period. All self-reported updates from a hospital are verified by CareFirst CHPMD. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the hospital directly or call CareFirst CHPMD.

It is important to know the accreditation status and quality data of the hospital you choose. Hospitals that have achieved accreditation by the Joint Commission are nationally recognized as providing the best possible care to patients. Hospital accreditation status is available to the public through the Joint Commission’s website. Hospital quality data can help you choose which hospital is best for you based on their performance in caring for patients with specific conditions. Hospital quality data is available to the public through the U.S. Government’s Hospital Compare service.

Practitioner Listings: 
All information in CareFirst CHPMD’s Provider Directory including name, gender, medical specialty, hospital affiliation, medical group affiliation, board certification, office location, language spoken by the physician and/or clinical staff and acceptance of new patients is verified at least every three years during the credentialing process. Throughout this three year period practitioner information can be updated at the request of the practitioner. All self-reported updates are verified by CareFirst CHPMD. For the most up-to-date information please contact your medical provider directly or call CareFirst CHPMD. Real-time board certification information can be obtained using the Certification Matters database provided by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Term Definition
Provider or Hospital Name The name of the provider can refer to the doctor’s name or the medical practice or facility in which he or she practices.
Office or Hospital Location The physical address of the facility/office where members can access care.
Office or Hospital Phone Number The phone number members can use to directly contact doctors’ offices or hospitals. Always call 911 in case of emergency.
Medical Specialty The type of care that a practitioner is trained to provide.
Hospital Affiliation The hospital(s) where a practitioner sends his or her patients for services more appropriately provided in a hospital setting.
Medical Group Affiliation A practitioner may work with other practitioners within a group practice.
Board Certification Practitioners who are board certified are nationally recognized as skilled within their chosen medical specialty.
Accepting New Patients Practitioners accepting new patients are willing to see new members even if they have not seen them previously.
Languages Spoken by the Physician or Clinical Staff Someone in the practitioner’s office is able to speak the listed languages. If someone within the practice besides physician speaks the language that individual will serve as a translator.
Hospital Accreditation Status Hospitals are regularly visited by an organization known as the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission certifies that hospitals meet its standards of providing quality, safe care to patients. Accredited hospitals regularly demonstrate the ability to meet the Joint Commission’s standards for accreditation.
Hospital Quality Data The US Government’s Hospital Compare service allows members to compare the quality of the care and services provided by nearby hospitals. Members can use this service to decide which hospital will best meet their needs.
ADA Compliance Office/facility has accommodations for people with physical disabilities, including offices, exam room(s) and equipment.